Video Services

2010 Planet Kyoto Video Reel

Planet Kyoto 2010 Reel from kyotonils on Vimeo.
Music: “Too Late” composed by Max Dodds and performed by his Kyoto band “Elements”.

What I can do for you

I am capable of producing start-to-finish video travel features, interviews, business profiles and other stories about people, places and events in the Kyoto/Kansai area. I can also shoot and send you unedited material in widescreen or 4:3 format. HD and PAL format also available.

I use a 3CCD camera (low-light live house OK), shotgun mic, hand mic, lapel mic (wireless if necessary), Zoom digital stereo recorder. I will shoot your event, interview, roof-raising rock show, English school, cafe or other business, Kyoto sightseeing, speech, crazy cello skillz, kids’ event or whatever in 16:9 widescreen video. Then I’ll wrangle the footage into a video of appropriate length and create a DVD or YouTube ready movie. Yeah, I can upload it, too. 2-camera shoots can also be arranged.

Doesn’t your band deserve its own video? Choose a couple of your favorite songs and run through them a few times each, so that I can concentrate on filming the whole band at once (long shot) and tighter close-ups and pans that can be cut together to form a cohesive live-look video. Live concert footage? Sure! Not the usual live house crap that looks like it was shot with a handycam in a dark closet with blown out sound. If you want to do it, do it right. Here’s a sample:

How much does it cost?

Most single-location jobs are only ¥40,000/day + expenses.
Band shoots are only ¥30,000, and include 3 finished DVDs customized with band photos in the menus.

Please use my Contact Page for bookings, and you are always welcome to ask for more information.