“My Nippon” Micah Gampel photo exhibition

My Nippon Micah Gampel photo exhibition

September 2010 Update: Exhibition has moved to Cafe Dell’ Orso for September-October 2010

Weekends in August 12:00-18:00 at Hanagumo Bar on Miyagawacho in Gion, Kyoto.  Party Saturday, Aug. 7, Closed Aug. 8.
All my photos were taken by my ketai camera as I work and play around Kyoto and Osaka mostly. It’s my Nippon world, but I feel like the viewer, not really part of the parade. I think I look a little shocked and mystified by what I see in each photo. Please come and visit, in the month of August.

Micah Gampel
Kyoto 075 5819695


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