Weeping cherry at Omiya Traffic Safety Park, Kyoto

Omiya Kotsu Koen

shidarezakura at omiya kotsu koenThis park has go-karts on simulated city streets with traffic signals and crosswalks for kids to learn about traffic safety. Also an old steam locomotive and old streetcars from Kyoto, pedal carts. It’s a good place for a o-hanami because there is a grass-covered knoll with many sakura. They weren’t in bloom yet, but a giant shidarezakura, weeping cherry, in another corner, was in beautiful full bloom. We had a picnic under this shidarezakura, which was in full bloom earlier than Yoshino sakura. Then a little sleet started to fall, then more snow…Then we left the park and went to a sushi restaurant and it was like a blizzard outside! At the end of March! Amazing!


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