Huge 800-year-old Kusunoki (camphor tree) outside Shoren-in Temple, Kyoto

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Awesome, literally. Robert Brady wrote about splitting camphor wood a few days ago.


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  1. Having lived directly across the street from that tree until a month ago, I’ve got many pictures of it myself. (The biannual lightup is quite nice, in particular.) One of my captions to the photos is that it’s perhaps the most photographed tree in Kyoto — people are forever taking pictures of it.

    I’d send a url to some of mine, but the machine serving my picture site died last night, so I’m awaiting hardware repairs )-:


  2. Visiting a friend back at the old place, I noticed the signboard at Shoren-in saying that the lightup this year will be from Oct 24th through Dec 4th.

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