Japan bloggers meetup thread

I suggest some night next week at Tadg’s Pub at Shijo-Kawabata in Kyoto, near Hankyu Kawaramachi and Keihan Shijo stations, and a short walk away from Maruyama Park for nighttime cherry blossom viewing. Alternatives welcome.


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  1. Rick says:

    Cool! So far Thursday and Friday look good for me. Earlier in the week might be possible, too.

  2. nils says:

    Thursday is fine for me as well.

  3. oli says:

    Theoretically anytime is fine. I’ll be in Kyoto tomorrow actually, but I’m assuming you both have a specific Thurs or Fri (next week?) in mind…

    No internet access just yet so if Nils could email me the agreed date and time that’d be great (I’m too scared to leave a keitai email addy in the message body, but it’s in the ‘Email Address’ field ;-)

    thanks in advance

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