Gregory 大志 (Taishi) Ferry, Day2

I gave my wife one cell, and look what she did with it!
Taishi is written as 大 (tai or dai, meaning big) plus å¿— (kokorozasu, to aspire or set your mind to something) in Japanese, and together means “ambition” or “aspiration.” His color is becoming more natural and his fingers and toes are losing that pickled look from swimming for 9 months. Just like his mother, he is so warm, a human furnace, 人間ストーブ, so I’ve been calling him “Cinnamon Bun,” but he’ll hate us later if we put that on the birth certificate, so we thought we’d give him a more dignified name. He grabs my fingers tightly and looks in my eyes and I feel God has given us the most wonderful gift he has.

Today we got something I didn’t know about. They recorded the first cries as Gregory came out, and took a picture, and put them together in an audio card that plays the recording. Here is a sample (QT movie).

(I think I can hear the sound of bookmarks being deleted.)

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