Yasaka-no-to and giant Kannon

View from about 5km away, reduced by 1/3, cropped and de-hazed as much as possible.
Yasaka Pagoda is officially Hokan-ji Temple, but the pagoda, built in the year 589, is almost all that’s left of it, and so it is simply known as Yasaka-no-to, Yasaka tower/pagoda. It had a rough first millenium, being burned down a few times in the power struggles that define Kyoto’s history. The structure you see here was built in 1440, with some touch-ups in the 1600s. Toji Tempe’s pagoda near Kyoto Station is Japan’s tallest. I believe that all 5-story pagodas like this in Japan are meant to metaphorically enshrine the ashes of Buddha. The Kannon in the background is of more modern ferroconcrete sctructure, Kannon being a female bosatsu (bodhisattva), one who is enlightened and leads others to enlightenment.

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