Miyagawa-cho at night: the usual characters

We were over at Mama’s house this evening, so I grabbed the new camera and stepped outside to see who would stroll by.
Lumix FZ10 with built-in flash. grain in poorly-lit background is acceptable to me.

Most of the “maiko” you see (not these) in Kyoto are tourists dressing up to play maiko for a day while walking around. It’s rather clear from the humorous way they totter on the sandals, especially the tall gaijin, but in case it isn’t, some of the costume shops have an attendant that walks around with them, carrying a sign that says “These are not real maiko.” Two weeks ago Yoshiko and I had a funny experience where a older lady in the neighborhood passing the costumed tourists in the street was muttering disdainfully, as loudly as she could, that they were “nise-maiko,” in case we didn’t know it.
When the maiko are afoot, of course, Peter MacIntosh is probably nearby.

The chochin (paper lamp) photo was without the strobe, as you can see.


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