Nijo Castle: More new shots with the Panasonic Lumix FZ10

Autumn colors in Kyoto (click for BIG 1280 X 960 desktop background image)
Looking down from wall of Nijo Castle. Built in 1603 by the Tokugawa Shoguns, this is the place where the last Shogun relinquished control of the nation back to Emperor Meiji in 1867, and the next year the capital moved to Tokyo.

I’m coming to like this camera more and more.

Here’s a picture of the sunset this evening over Kokusaikaikan, the Kyoto International Conference Hall.
despite the rain, the full size shot at maximum resolution looked good, as I had it set at ISO 50. this is important. I filled a 256MB card today, and had fun doing it. I used exposure bracketing, which worked just as it should. I had 3 clearly different shots to choose the best from. I used spot metering on back-lit objects against the sky, and it also worked just as it should.

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