Kyoto accommodations: budget, cheap, dirt cheap!

Cheap? you want the cheapest hotel/ryokan/minshuku/hostel/flophouse in Kyoto? Kyoto Cheapest Inn (catchy name) near Nijo Castle on Marutamachi may be the very cheapest “Guest house” in Kyoto at Â¥900 for backackers with their own sleeping bags/rolls, Â¥1600 for a futon.


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  1. Sam says:

    looking for traditional style japanese accomadation, with two meals, nice surroundings and a good price. can you help.

    Thank you

  2. Sam says:

    Attached to the prvious mail.

  3. nils says:

    Use the word “ryokan” in the search box on this page to find various discussions, and also the “contact me” page has a discussion of ryokan.

  4. Michael says:

    I’m looking for a small wa-fu house to rent somewhere in central Kyoto: Southern Sakyo-ku or Nakakyo-ku. Wondering if you have any recommendations for a fudosan that deals with wa-fu accomodation and not just modern danchi’s and mansions? :-)

  5. nils says:

    Kyoto Machiya Club in my links over on the right helps set up machiya rentals. 京都ライフ is one of the bigger fudosan along with mini mini, and Tsurukawa-san (tel 722-1117) set up our deal. Leases are usually 2 years, have lots of shiki-kin and rei-kin, and of course a Japanese guarantor.

  6. Michael says:


    thanks for your pointer. I contacted the Machiya club (I’ve been at their old digs a few years ago) but unfortunately they have not been so responsive.
    Part of the problem is perhaps that I used my Yahoo mail account to send a message in Japanese (with a short note in English) and it seems that only the English note got through ungarbled. May have been a mistake, because I got a message back saying, “Please only contact us in Japanese!”. I replied in Japanese, saying I had contacted in Japanese, but there had a mistake, but haven’t heard again. Maybe I should phone instead :-).

    Another friend has recommended 京都ライフ, and I was there last night looking at the 物件情報 outside because it was closed. I’ll perhaps give them a call. Thanks for the URL, didn’t know about that but it’s a bit help. And it’s nice to know that one foreigner is a satisfied customer.
    I’m aware of the 敷金 and 礼金 custom and have mentally prepared myself to be bled ;-).
    And yes I’m aware a Japanese guaranter is needed.
    The ä¸�動産 I was dealing with last weekend was trying to tell I’d need two, even though I had a personal introduction via a friend who has recently bought a house. Mileage varies!

    May I ask you whether you are happy to have chosen to live in a more traditional house. I’ve also considered apartments but given that Kyoto is one of the few places in the world one can experience life in a 町屋 it seems a waste not to try it.
    Has it turned out to be a lot of extra work you don’t enjoy or has it turned into a cherished weekend hobby for you?

    Thanks again for your helpful response.

  7. Michael says:

    That was supposed to read “big help” not “bit help”.


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