I never signed up or even visited the site, but I just discovered through my logs that somehow I ended up as a publicly traded entity on Blogshares, and Esthet Lil seems to be controlling my share price on
her way to mega-millionaire status. I think she has figured out their system.

There! She just bought 10 more shares while I was typing! You’re a shrewd one, Lil.

Is this something I need to pay attention to? Can anime dorks wrest control of my site and force me to publish DragonballZ wallpaper?



  1. Randy

    Nah – it’s just a fun game site that acts like a fantasy stock trading game… but instead of following a stock market, it uses things like pings, trackbacks and traffic to estimate a Blog’s worth. I would expect your in high worth given the traffic, and while I think DBZ wallpaper would help bandwidth usage, I doubt it would help with trackbacks :)

  2. lil

    Well, you can get in on the action too by claiming your blog and automatically receiving 1000 shares in it, as well as $500 virtual dollars to invest. Your blogshare value is determined by the number of incoming links to your blog (not traffic though), and the only way to increase that is to get more blogs to link to you. Your share value increases or decreases depending on how often people buy and sell, and how high your P/E ratio goes.

    I started playing more than three months ago, so that’s how I have amassed that fortune. I can’t manage to hold my position in the top 100 though as there are much better players than me who seem to spend hours everyday at it! Too much time on their hands.

  3. Randy

    (which is also why I’m typically uncharted – few links in and even less time to worry about it! I’d rather take the free time to update the blog)

  4. nils

    I figured out that it’s because a couple weeks ago I was redoing templates and I checked the “Ping weblogs.com” option. That, I think, is how I automatically got listed.

  5. Randy

    I think that’s how I got linked in twice, too – one I added by hand and the other got added by a Syndication service… whatever works to make someone virtual net worth go up :)

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