SARS in Japan

Update: May 1, 2003

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As of May 1, there are still NO confirmed cases of SARS in Japan. Zero. Travelers’ advisories are in effect for stricken regions of China, but the warning for Toronto has been lifted. Airport checks and quarantines have been tightened, and Japanese returning from infected areas (many companies are recalling employees to Japan for safety reasons) are being instructed to stay home for 10 days and wear masks.


Of 56 cases of suspected SARS-like symptoms in Japan, 44 have been already determined not to be SARS, and today it was announed that of the remaining 12, 10 have been found to be unrelated to SARS, leaving a potential epidemic of 2.

I mention this because I got email from a client today lamenting that registration by overseas participants is down for an international conference to be held in Kyoto later this year. People are afraid to travel to “Asia,” it seems, without drawing distinctions.


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