Torii in Lake Biwa

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The gloomy weather that continued all weekend reminded me of this cold, windy, rainy day when we set off on our last leg of the bicycle trip around Lake Biwa. This torii gate was just south of Takashima on the western shore of Biwako. Perhaps it is Shirahige Jinja. The weather cleared, and we rode 104km that day, back to Takatsuki.


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  1. BTW, a lot of people don’t know that that the water slopes up to the right in Lake Biwa. This is one of those pictures that could have been great if I hadn’t been tilting the instamatic. It’s the same problem with the new Sony Cybershot. With my Nikon SLR this was never a problem. I really should haul that thing out and use it once in a while. It used to be my treasure.

  2. Just wanted to say that I really liked this picture. I studied Japanese at JCMU which is in Hikone, and the facility was right off of Lake Biwa; I spent a lot of time watching the sunset or the birds that were out in the morning. We didn’t have a torii to take pictures of, but the underlying landscape in the picture – mostly the mountains in the background – makes me very nostalgic.

  3. *sound of nils checking referrers*
    yes, you’re the liana who sends me a number of referrers. thanks.

    We stayed in Hikone one night on that trip. I have a lot more pictures of beautiful scenery around the northern half of Biwako. I missed it entirely the first time I went around the lake solo, even though, as I recall, the castle high in the hill is visible from the lakeside road.

    thanks for stopping by.

  4. How is it that you consistantly manage to take such beautiful photographs? Do you go to any place that is ugly?

    Nedra :0)

  5. Liana, Robert of Pure Land Mountain (see menu at right) has a long post about Hikone.

  6. Nedra, thanks for the compliment, but I take plenty of pictures that aren’t good. The best ones from my last walkabout I can’t publish yet because they are now under favorable consideration for publishing in a magazine. It’s been a long time, over 6 years, since I submitted anything for publication, so I’m hopeful.

  7. Hah, most of the hits from my site are probably me, as I have a tendency to check the sites I link to once or twice a day. Thanks for pointing me to the Pure Land Mountain site post about Hikone, that made me very nostalgic as well!

  8. Nils, a certain firebrand (Molly Golightly) sent me a link to this photo. Beautiful. Torris, as I understand, hold so much symbolic yet non-confining meaning they constantly captivate me. Inspired we built a decorative one for Burning Man last year which made for a very powerful burn.

    Even though you post the glorious CC, I wanted to let you know I was going to add this image with credit to, a site we made for images just like yours. Feel free to add more if you’d like to.

    Keep up the inspiring work,

    Bee Mindful

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