I have a purple map of Australia on my butt, after falling and “surfing” downstairs in my house the other morning, the first time I’d done so since just after we moved in 3 years ago. It has to do with foot size and Japanese stairs. But the location of the bruise made me wonder: If we (American guy of Danish/Irish descent and pure Japanese wife) had a baby, what are the chances it would have the so-called “Mongolian blue spot” that many Asian babies (I don’t know the distribution of this phenomenon) are born with? Anyone know?
Google it if this is the first you’ve heard if “Mongolian blue spot.”



  1. Enkhsaikhan

    I am a Mongol man and all of my relatives had blue spots as like every Mongol has blue spot when they were infants. But Chinese and other nationalities don’t have. I always thought that only pure Mongol has blue spot, if one doesn’t have then he or she is not pure Mongol. Blue dot is our proud which proves Mongol blood. I heard that if someone marries with Chinese, Japanese or Korean their children don’t have any blue dot. That’s why we always concern about blue dot. If someone’s child doesn’t have blue dot, then it is shameful for the parents. But I learned that Eskimos, native Americans, some Koreans, and some other Asians also occasionally have blue dot. May be it is true that they have some degree of Mongol blood. You guys should read about Mongol Empire, Mogul Empire, Hun Empire. By the way, Hun means in modern and also ancient Mongolian language: Human. Also “Human” and “Hun” two words both spelled similarly.

  2. Enkhsaikhan

    Mongol blue dot only appears in tail bone area and it has only blue color. Other dots are not Mongol dot.

  3. Korean in Copenhagen, Denmark

    I’m Korean and my husband is Danish. Of course I had the Mongolian spot when born but it is completely gone now in my adulthood. Our child was also born with it even though it seems to have faded a bit now at 9 months. Most of my friends’ kids with this mix have the spot, only one doesn’t.

  4. Miranda

    Wow! Ok sought out to see what others thought about mongolian spots and I’m sorry y’all but…wow! As you all can see there is a genetic simularity between the races. The spots are commonly found in African and Asian descents. Sorry some might not like it but gosh you guys there is a motherland. I, too, am enrolled in a federally recognized tribe, Choctaw, and even I know that we didn’t spring out of the ground. Its a matter of science, check out the chinese scientist on youtube and see where his findings of chinese people go…some of you will be astounded! Those continents are right there close… you don’t think that they might have the same traits? When are we going to stop thinking we are all seperate and superior? Why are people afraid to say they are from Africa, but adopt poor african kids? These are called Mongolian spots, just because your baby has some won’t make him or her any smarter in math! Haha! My baby girl has them too and she is choctaw and white. My background goes back to cuba, african american, white, chinese, american indian. I can name each grand parent of each race…. so you think my daughter only got her spots from my chinese grandmother, I beg to differ.

  5. Evangeline

    I’m British, I’m white and I have no foreign relatives in my family history, I checked. I had a mongolian blue spot which is very rare for people like me.

  6. ktay

    American Indians predate mongolians. They may have shared an common ancestor but then so do all modern-day humans. The blue spot occurs with some frequency among some African populations. I doubt Africans descend from mongolians.

  7. Namira

    What an amazing thread! I’ve just read everything and have found all of it very interesting indeed.

    I was also born with the blue spot which faded after a few years. My son was also born with a little irregular shaped blue fried egg at his tail bone and the same on his arm which also faded after a couple of years.

    My mother is Caucasian Australian and my father Australian Aboriginal, my sons father was Scottish and white.

    My friends who are mixed race [west indian and caucasian] were also born with the blue spots.

    I’ve yet to hear of any other [Australian] Aboriginals who also had the blue spot. However, my grandmother was dark skinned and was often mocked by my granddad who called her Queen of the Arrernte tribe.
    I would love to know more about her heritage but I doubt I will be able to trace anything now.

    If anyone has any opinions on how the blue spot could have been carried over to Australia, I really like to hear them!

    I would also love to be able to trace my ancestry through my blood, but i presume these types of tests are extremely expensive.

  8. chris

    my daughter had a a blue spot all down her lower back like a large belt , she is 14 now and still have it , the color is fading with time , but it still there ! i don;t know from where she got it , or what is the meaning and i think she had it from my mother side , cause my cousin , her daughter had it but at her ankle , it faded now , she is 8 . we are middle eastern ,and i think if it really was “mongolian” , so we may have some mongolian -turkish blood in my family , cause Turkish governed my country for centuries , not mongolians !

  9. Sheila

    I am one of 8 African American Children and all of my brothers and sisters as well as many of my 54 nieces and nephews. I remember vividly my mother who is an RN telling my sister that the blue bruised looking area that covered her son’s rear and back were Mongolian spots. My mother is the product of a Mulatto (Indian) and a Black man that came from the Dominican Republic. Since we as a race never stays still, geographically–we think we know who we are by whats written on paper…but really looks are decieving… Who do you think you are? Are you really?

  10. Barbara

    The first time I heard of the Mongolian blue spot was last week. A friend mentioned when his son was born with one he asked his mother-in-law if his wife also had one as a baby (she said yes she had). She is of Hungarian/Rumanian ancestry, and he said this is as far as the Mongols had spread into Europe.

  11. Naruto

    As one of shaman legend says the spot was inherited from sky gods who descended from the stars thousands of years ago. They had blue skin and were looking like some of blue skinned deities in Hinduism and Buddhism we see today in temples.

  12. Lisa

    My grandson was born with a mongolian blue spot on his lower back., in actual fact its a long line across his back . We had never heard of this before he was born ..his little brother born recently looks tanned and he is not jaundiced just very brown.even though his parents are pale skinned .does this mean we have darker skinned ancestors

  13. Theresa

    I was born with blue dots on lower back. Mother said the Doctor who delivered me was curious why my race was listed as black. My Mother is part Cherokee, Black, and German. My Father was Choctaw, Black and Dutch. With that kind of mix I don’t know what the blue dots are related too.

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