Dropsy? The Vapors? Jungle Rot? Housemaid's Knee? The Staggers? Dum-Dum Fever?

I have been out of service since Tuesday evening, after starting to feel slightlly dizzy on Monday evening. I went to the hospital on Wednesday, with slight fever, fatigue, diminished appetite. We are in the midst of a huge flu epidemic, but swab rapid detection tests for strains A&B were both negative, so the doctor sent me home with a tentative diagnosis of early course of common cold.

By the time I got home my fever was over 38.5, and rose to 39.25. No throat, nose or lung symtoms at all, but slight headache and increased fatigue and dizzyness. The fever reduced somewhat by bedtime, then was further down Thursday morning. However, it sloped up again toward the evening, and down slightly thereafter, with other symptoms unchanged. Same thing Friday, except that now, as I go to bed, my fever is still up somewhat. I’m going to a bigger hospital tomorrow, this ain’t no cold. If anyone can accurately guess what I got before the doc does, you win…something.


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