Sesshu exhibit

Before my previous webhost went belly up and spiked my site, I had a review of a 500th anniversary Sesshu exhibit at the National Museum here in Kyoto. I still have a few pictures.


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  1. Theresa says:

    Hi..I have a copy of Sesshu’s Long Scroll “A Zen Landscape Journey”. It is quite a marvelous book. It is 4″W by 5+1/2″L, it is only 1/2″ thick, but amazingly opens to reveal the entire scroll at 14′!! First printing was in 1959, I believe this to be the sixth printing done in 1968. It is in beautiful shape, near mint I would say. In light of the 500th Anniversay of the Sesshu Exhibit, I was wondering if you or anyone you know would be interested in this piece? Peace…Theresa

  2. Terry Hayes says:

    Hello, I came across a copy of Sesshu’s Long Scroll, third printing, 1960. It has a wooden cover that I have never seen nor heard described before. Is it unusual? Thanks

  3. nils says:

    It is to enjoy, not to sell. Keep it, I command you.

  4. Neil Bunyan says:

    I too have a sort of ‘boxed’ reproduction of the Long Scroll of Landscape. It has ivory (plastic?) clips securing the box and a label inside the box in Japanese (Chinese?).

    The scroll opens out to about 12 metres and is in superb condition.

    I have pictures if anyone is interested.

  5. Suzi says:

    I also have a long scroll that is in a black cardboard box & it has a green pamphlet inside that explains the scroll & a little bit about Sesshu. It also says it was “owned by Hofu Mori Hokokai”. I would like to know more about this “limited series”… how many were printed & what year mine was printed in? How much is it worth in near mint condition (although I am not even remotely interested in selling it)? Can a person still buy Sesshu reproductions & where? Is this “long scroll” still being sold anywhere?
    I may be asking these questions in the wrong place but this was the only “discussion” I could find regarding Sesshu’s Long Scroll. I hope you can help me but if not I’m sorry to have bothered you. I have photos if you’d like me to e-mail.

  6. Greg says:

    i am looking for pictures of sesshu paintings but cant find any….can you help me out?

  7. Cheryl Crain says:

    Dear Greg: I have a copy of Sesshu’s Long Scroll. It is a small book with wooden covers and the entire scroll folds out…almost more than the length of my living room! It is a 3rd printing, done in 1960. The photos from the book were supplied by the National Museum of Tokyo, Published by Charles E. Tuttle Company of Rutland, Vermont & Tokyo Japan. Letterpress printing by Kenkyusha; Gravure printing by Inshokan, and binding by Okamoro Bindery, all in Tokyo,Japan.

    Can you tell me anything about this book? You may email me at either/both of the above addresses. Hope to hear from you in the near future. (I live in Hawaii on the Big Island, city of Hilo.)

  8. mary severine says:

    Cheryl Crain, did you come by the scroll when you were on R&R from Truk back in the 70′s? See my entry on reunions site. I’ve been trying to get in touch.
    Mary Severine
    San Diego

  9. Molly says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy a print of Sesshu’s “Winter Landscape”? I have looked everywhere and am desperate.

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