about the author

nilsmug_small.jpgNils Ferry
Kyoto, Japan
originally from Tustin, California in Orange County
left handed
was sportwriter at daily newspaper that was bought out, which is part of the story of how I ended up here.
writing, editing, photography, web services, wedding officiant,
not a vampire or fantasy sports enthusiast
graduate of California State University, Fullerton; B.A., Communications, 1991
was once pretty good at fencing (epee), would like to recapture lost youth
no interest in anime whatsoever
was threatened with bodily harm by linebackers not to write bad things about their team’s 1-10 record
caught 13 largemouth bass in a single day
can use chopsticks
saw a garbage truck tip over
have skinny dipped on both sides of Pacific Ocean
nils and yoshiko on Burley Samba tandem


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